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Amy Levenson, Photographer

This has been a pretty busy blog week for me.  In addition to the concert and film festival posts, I am focusing on a very talented photographer by the name of Amy Levenson.

Amy Levenson is a New England Native who relocated to Glenwood Springs,Colorado 5 years ago.  
Since that time her passion for nature photography was re-ignited by the beauty and splendor of the area.

“My desire is to always capture the essence of the shapes and colors as well as recreate the mood I felt in that moment.”
As someone who has worked in the difficult field of mental and public health, substance abuse and hospice care, the art of photography and the ‘hunt’ for something special, provides both relaxation and excitement.

Several of these shots were taken last year on a trip to southern California, while the rest were taken in and around the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado.

To see more of Amy’s beautiful photographs, email her at amypl56@gmail.com.


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