Calling all artists

Thank you to Idea GoI have finally decided to jump on the blog bandwagon (I know I am about a decade late), but better late than never.  I have been actively trying to help artists gain a voice but like all artists figure out, sometimes your voice just isn’t loud enough.  And while I might talk about artists I know to everyone I meet, I figured I would be able to reach more people on the blogosphere.  This is where Artist Untapped comes in.

I am calling all artists.  I am looking to showcase artists of any medium.  I want to post videos, photos, and music to show people what you as an artist have to offer.  Let your voice be heard.

Let me showcase your work. Email me at and send a snippet about yourself, links to your site, and some sort of work for me to post.  But please send only your own original work.  If it is not your own original work, it will not be posted.

I will also be writing about art events.  If you know of any festivals, art showing, etc. in your area, please let me know.

I sincerely want to help fellow artists out there.  I know how difficult it is to make it, so let’s do this together.


It’s not what you know, it’s not even who you know, but it’s all about who knows you

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