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Gabrielle Louise, Singer/Songwriter

This week’s singer/songwriter is a throwback to the sounds of early Joni Mitchell.  Singer/songwriter Gabrielle Louise combines her sultry voice with a variety of musical styles.  Whether its American folk or Argentine tango, she is sure to capture your attention.  This superbly talented singer not only writes her own work, but her award-winning lyrics, beautiful voice and her captivating stage presence make her an artist to watch for.

Gabrielle Louise is a nationally touring troubadour noted for her poignant lyrics (a two-time John Lennon Songwriting Contest finalist, winner of the Jack Maher Songwriting Award) and lush voice. The daughter of two gypsy [vagabond] musicians, Gabrielle inherited the genetic predisposition to wanderlust and song.

She has toured and recorded with a wide variety of configurations, but all presentations fall under the creative umbrella of “The Gabrielle Louise Show.” Variety is the ticket. Don’t be surprised to catch a tango performance by the dancers who frequent her shows, or an exhibit by a local artist or photographer. She can be found serenading and storytelling around the country, sometimes solo, sometimes with a full band in tow.

Gabrielle Louise’s music is anchored deeply in folk, but undeniably drawn to rich harmonies and melodic adventurism. Her sound has the earthy feel of early Joni Mitchell while also veering into the spirited delivery of fellow genre-hopping artist Martin Sexton. Unafraid to take a random musical escapade in the name of inspiration, Gabrielle is at one moment folkie and ethereal, the next moment a smoky jazz chanteuse. Recently, she’s fallen very much in love with Argentine Tango, and is committing time to studying to play and sing tango standards.

In the original songwriting realm, she has 100% independently released five records, Journey (2006), Around in Circles, the E.P. (2007), Cigarettes for Sentiments (2008), Live in Coal Creek Canyon (2009) and most recently, Mirror the Branches (2010.)

Gabrielle’s music has been best appreciated in listening atmospheres with introspective, attentive crowds. She is striving to communicate more soul than special effect and gently entice her listener to release their grip on the status quo. In a music industry that tends to view its artists as either super-stars or failures, Gabrielle aims to break the trend by offering her creative personality as-is, a professional presentation of her private journaling.

As a performer and songwriter, Gabrielle has made a commitment towards the environment. Most recently she organized and co-wrote the sustainability themed musical, The Muse’s Market, which sought to address social issues and present sustainability-focused solutions through multi-media art. In the past she has assisted the “Save the Arkansas River” campaign by releasing a single for the campaign and continues to do the majority of her touring in a vehicle powered by bio-fuels. The marriage of creativity and environmentalism has been powerful for her.

When Gabrielle Louise isn’t performing, she’s most likely tango dancing, hiking a mountain, or jumping off a cliff into some summer river.

*Te Amare Norm will be on Gabrielle’s newest album, set to release in Spring of 2012.

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James Lee Baker, singer/songwriter

For my first artist-featured post, I would like to showcase James Lee Baker, a very talented singer/songwriter based out of Denver, CO.

James Lee Baker is a soft combination of artists like Cat Stephens, Ellis Paul, Matt Nathanson, and the Wallflowers.

James lists his musical influences to include: Ellis Paul, Matt Wertz, Mat Kearney, David Mead, John Gorka, David Gray, Third Eye Blind, Gavin DeGraw, and Lifehouse.

Music was in James Lee Baker’s life long before he was born as both of his parents were talented musicians. His Dad crafted a unique art in percussion and successfully toured in several Rock-n-roll and Contemporary Christian bands. J.L.’s Mom was herself an aspiring songwriter and played acoustic guitar in younger years. Coupling the influences of his childhood with his later education in music composition and theory, J.L. has become an aspiring and accomplished singer/songwriter in his own right. His goal as a songwriter is to bring new ideas to familiar concepts and touch the emotions of listeners in a way in which they can meaningfully relate. Through his knowledge of music and a desire to share life experiences in song, J.L. is ready to make a lasting mark in pop music.

J.L. has recently released a collection of recordings made at various studios from 2010 – 2011 all written by James Lee Baker. Studio contributions by Tyler Ward at Ray Ward Studios, Mike Binder and MGB Records, and Christopher J. Bloom at Blooms Room, all in Denver, CO.  This album includes a cover song of Ellis Paul’s “Everything’s Broken”.

The music of James Lee Baker is available on, iTunes, and Napster as well as other digital distribution channels. You can learn more about J.L. on his personal website, Facebook, MySpace and other widely accessed social networks. James Lee Baker may also be seen performing live in metro Denver, CO venues.

Visit James’s website to learn more about this accomplished artist.  To download James’ music, please visit James’ store at ReverbNation.

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