About Artist Untapped

Artist Untapped is a one-of-a-kind networking website dedicated to film professionals. The hardest part of being an artist, especially one in the film industry, is getting your work and name out there.  Displaying talent and being able to collaborate with other artists all in one place is key to the success of the artist.  That is the idea behind Artist Untapped.

Artist Untapped  solves the problem of getting your name out there and showcasing your talent.  At Artist Untapped you can create a free portfolio displaying your work and talent.  Upload music and photos and documents, as well as embed video from your favorite video sharing website.  Showcase your work for the world to see!  Add your résumé for a complete portfolio.  Everything you want people to see is all in one place.

Artist Untapped is all about finding new talent and showcasing that talent.  It’s not about who you know, or what you know, it’s all about who knows you.


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