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Changing the film industry for the better

As every artist knows, the start towards a career as an artist is an uphill battle.  Starting out your resume might be sparse but your enthusiasm for the work makes up for it.  Yet you still find yourself without work.

I found out firsthand just how difficult it is to try and break into the film industry.  After getting a masters degree in Film Scoring, I moved to LA with the notion that degrees equals work. However, that is not the case.  School definitely does not prepare you for the challenge of working as an artist. Don’t get me wrong, school is important but in the film industry  talent, passion, perseverance, and a little luck are what will set you apart from everyone else and ultimately get you work.

When I moved to Los Angeles with my graduate school classmates, we all set about getting work in our desired fields.  I chose to work towards being a film producer, while everyone else worked towards being a film composer.  But for most of us it was a struggle to find jobs in our career of choice.  Lack of talent was not an issue, as these people are some of the most talented artists out there, but it was competition and people not knowing your name.  Not to mention the fact that an entry level job in the film industry in Los Angeles now requires 3-5 years experience.  This is dumbfounding!

As I was struggling to get my foot in the door in LA, I realized what a daunting task it was to find work in film, even Production Assistant jobs.  Applying to 8 different sites every day and not getting a single call will wear down just about anyone.  And when IArtist Untapped Logo worked on set, I would have directors asking if I knew any film scorers.  Yes, I do!  And then my classmates would ask if I knew anyone who wanted a film scorer.  Yes, I do!

It was then I came up with the idea of Artist Untapped.  A single site where artists can display their work, build a portfolio with everything needed to get hired, collaborate with other artists, find jobs, and bridge the gap between artist and employer.  An all inclusive site, so you don’t need to apply to 8 different sites daily.

Even though I had this idea, I did not have the means to create it.  It wasn’t until I moved back to Denver that I saved up enough to start the site.  Helping artists has become another passion of mine.  Seeing how much talent is out there and the only thing preventing them from finding success is getting noticed, I knew I had to help change that.  Artist Untapped is not only a place to put your work (goodness knows there is plenty of sites already) but it is a place to build your success.  Whether you are a director, screenwriter, or cinematographer, Artist Untapped is there to help you achieve success.

I am determined to change the way artists are found.  As a budding film producer myself, with multiple projects in development, I am constantly looking for talent for my next film.  Finding new and rising stars makes me even more passionate about Artist Untapped.  Giving a voice to all artists out there is what Artist Untapped is all about.

Michelle Tyler, Founder                                                                                                                         Artist Untapped, LLC                                                                                          


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