James Lee Baker, singer/songwriter

For my first artist-featured post, I would like to showcase James Lee Baker, a very talented singer/songwriter based out of Denver, CO.

James Lee Baker is a soft combination of artists like Cat Stephens, Ellis Paul, Matt Nathanson, and the Wallflowers.

James lists his musical influences to include: Ellis Paul, Matt Wertz, Mat Kearney, David Mead, John Gorka, David Gray, Third Eye Blind, Gavin DeGraw, and Lifehouse.

Music was in James Lee Baker’s life long before he was born as both of his parents were talented musicians. His Dad crafted a unique art in percussion and successfully toured in several Rock-n-roll and Contemporary Christian bands. J.L.’s Mom was herself an aspiring songwriter and played acoustic guitar in younger years. Coupling the influences of his childhood with his later education in music composition and theory, J.L. has become an aspiring and accomplished singer/songwriter in his own right. His goal as a songwriter is to bring new ideas to familiar concepts and touch the emotions of listeners in a way in which they can meaningfully relate. Through his knowledge of music and a desire to share life experiences in song, J.L. is ready to make a lasting mark in pop music.

J.L. has recently released a collection of recordings made at various studios from 2010 – 2011 all written by James Lee Baker. Studio contributions by Tyler Ward at Ray Ward Studios, Mike Binder and MGB Records, and Christopher J. Bloom at Blooms Room, all in Denver, CO.  This album includes a cover song of Ellis Paul’s “Everything’s Broken”.

The music of James Lee Baker is available on Amazon.com, iTunes, and Napster as well as other digital distribution channels. You can learn more about J.L. on his personal website, Facebook, MySpace and other widely accessed social networks. James Lee Baker may also be seen performing live in metro Denver, CO venues.

Visit James’s website to learn more about this accomplished artist.  To download James’ music, please visit James’ store at ReverbNation.

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