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Duncan Blickenstaff, Film Scorer

I am sorry this post is so late this week.  Last week I focused on the singer/songwriter James Lee Baker.  I am going to switch it up this week and showcase an artist in the film industry.  For this week’s featured artist, I would love to introduce Duncan Blickenstaff, a phenomenal film scorer based out of Los Angeles, CA.  All you filmmakers out there, keep Duncan in mind the next time you are looking for someone to score your films.  I am telling you, this kid is amazing.  Check out his work and see for yourself.  Move over Hans Zimmer, Duncan’s going to take over Hollywood.

Duncan Blickenstaff is a Los Angeles based composer of music for film, television, web series, and new media with a lyrical style and an ear for the shadings of character and drama.  He received his MFA in Music Composition for the Screen at Columbia College Chicago under the direction of Andy Hill.  In addition to composing, he can be seen playing piano for improv comedy groups around town.

Duncan is currently working as a composer assistant for Mychael Danna and Rob Simonsen, and has had the opportunity to be a part of studio feature films and primetime television shows including Moneyball, Going the Distance, Blue Bloods, and Camelot.

Music Samples:

Duncan’s complete demo reel can be found here.

Check out these opening credits to a film called Walter’s Wife.  Every time I watch these opening credits I want to cry.

To contact Duncan, he can be reached at:

Hope you all enjoy his music as much as I do.  🙂

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James Lee Baker, singer/songwriter

For my first artist-featured post, I would like to showcase James Lee Baker, a very talented singer/songwriter based out of Denver, CO.

James Lee Baker is a soft combination of artists like Cat Stephens, Ellis Paul, Matt Nathanson, and the Wallflowers.

James lists his musical influences to include: Ellis Paul, Matt Wertz, Mat Kearney, David Mead, John Gorka, David Gray, Third Eye Blind, Gavin DeGraw, and Lifehouse.

Music was in James Lee Baker’s life long before he was born as both of his parents were talented musicians. His Dad crafted a unique art in percussion and successfully toured in several Rock-n-roll and Contemporary Christian bands. J.L.’s Mom was herself an aspiring songwriter and played acoustic guitar in younger years. Coupling the influences of his childhood with his later education in music composition and theory, J.L. has become an aspiring and accomplished singer/songwriter in his own right. His goal as a songwriter is to bring new ideas to familiar concepts and touch the emotions of listeners in a way in which they can meaningfully relate. Through his knowledge of music and a desire to share life experiences in song, J.L. is ready to make a lasting mark in pop music.

J.L. has recently released a collection of recordings made at various studios from 2010 – 2011 all written by James Lee Baker. Studio contributions by Tyler Ward at Ray Ward Studios, Mike Binder and MGB Records, and Christopher J. Bloom at Blooms Room, all in Denver, CO.  This album includes a cover song of Ellis Paul’s “Everything’s Broken”.

The music of James Lee Baker is available on, iTunes, and Napster as well as other digital distribution channels. You can learn more about J.L. on his personal website, Facebook, MySpace and other widely accessed social networks. James Lee Baker may also be seen performing live in metro Denver, CO venues.

Visit James’s website to learn more about this accomplished artist.  To download James’ music, please visit James’ store at ReverbNation.

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Calling all artists

Thank you to Idea GoI have finally decided to jump on the blog bandwagon (I know I am about a decade late), but better late than never.  I have been actively trying to help artists gain a voice but like all artists figure out, sometimes your voice just isn’t loud enough.  And while I might talk about artists I know to everyone I meet, I figured I would be able to reach more people on the blogosphere.  This is where Artist Untapped comes in.

I am calling all artists.  I am looking to showcase artists of any medium.  I want to post videos, photos, and music to show people what you as an artist have to offer.  Let your voice be heard.

Let me showcase your work. Email me at and send a snippet about yourself, links to your site, and some sort of work for me to post.  But please send only your own original work.  If it is not your own original work, it will not be posted.

I will also be writing about art events.  If you know of any festivals, art showing, etc. in your area, please let me know.

I sincerely want to help fellow artists out there.  I know how difficult it is to make it, so let’s do this together.


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